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 Operational Approach

  1. Manage User Stories
  2. Manage Initiatives
  3. Manage Workpackages
  4. Link Initiatives and Workpackages

Strategic Approach

  1. Manage Avenues
  2. Manage Capabilities
  3. Manage KPIs”
  4. Link Capabilities and KPIs
  5. Link KPIs and Initiatives


  1. Manage Sprints
  2. Manage Minimal Viable Services (MVSs)
  3. Link MVSs and KPIs


  1. Manage Programs
  2. Manage Projects

Transformstion overview

  1. Winning Map
  2. Transformation health score

Quality Assurance

  1. Inconsistently defined Minimal Viables Services
  2. Unsupported Capabilities
  3. Unsupported Avenues
  4. Unsupported Initiatives
  5. Unsupported Perspectives
  6. Unsupported Themes
  7. Unsupported Views
  8. Transformation Quality Index (calculated)


Operational Reports

  1. View Work Packages per Sprint
  2. View Work Packages per Minimal Viable Service
  3. View Work Packages per Initiative

Tactical Reports

  1. View Minimal Viable Services per Sprint
  2. View Initiatives per Sprint
  3. View Measurements delivered for each Minimal Viable Service
  4. View Initiatives per Minimal Viable Service

Strategic Reports

  1. Avenues impacted per Sprint
  2. Measurements impacted per Sprint
  3. Data for the Winning Map