4Dimensions Framework Foundation

PROCE Institute offers a Foundation Certification in the 4Dimensions Transformation Framework.

The Foundation Certification can be obtained by a 2day class room course. Here the participants will learn how to get from strategy to programs or projects. The course consists of equal parts of theory and practical exercises. The exam is a 40 question multiple choice open book online test.

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Trainer in 4Dimensions Transformation Foundation

The trainer education consists of 10 online modules of 3 hours each to be taught over a 21 days period.

In the modules the trainer will be onboarded in the theory, and the trainer will work with the presentation of the course. Between the modules the trainer must spend time on catching up the previous modules as well as preparing for the next module.

During the training sessions, the trainer must demonstrate the ability communicate about the circumstances related to complex business transformation issues. In addition there will be a final multiple choice test which has to passed with 95% correct answers.

The training is delivered by PROCE Institute.

All training is based on “Disruption and Digital Transformation” by Palle Stenver.